Statistical superiority

Whether you're a wannabe football betting aficionado or you just happen to be enthralled by football statistics, imagine a product which you can hunt down groundbreaking trends in seconds as opposed to hours. This spreadsheet does just that.

Results Grid



Club Results

The most useable results grid

Envisage having a grid of season results and being able to interact with it in a way that you've never interacted with a grid of season results before. No pointing to the screen as you try to find the result between two teams. With CrossRoads™ built-in, it makes it well easy. Hover over each fixture, highlight matches based on set criteria and see the totals at the end of the table to discover breathtaking trends.

  • CrossRoads™ built-in
  • Highlight based on 10+ criteria
  • View totals for each team
  • View multiple seasons
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The most telling table

This isn't just a bog standard football table that you see on your average website, this is the most interactive table yet. It's a table that you can actually draw conclusions from. Use the spinner button to choose the number of games — either the first X number of games or the last X number of matches played. This allows you to see the teams in form and off form. Perfect for making rational betting decisions.

TicTac™ is the most beautiful illustration of result outcomes. See every team's results in the form of green, grey and red blobs — representing win, draw and loss respectively. It makes a change from solely digesting ugly numbers.

  • Fully interactive
  • 38-match Tic Tac™
  • BarbWire™ built-in
  • Best/worst possible finishing positions
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The most detailed records

Being able to see head-to-head records between two sides is vital so that you can make weighted predictions before a match between those two teams. Now you can do that easily. You may want to see the overall fixture history or you may only want to see the home or away matches. You can do that. And with a colour-coded system, no longer do you have to strain yourself to see who the perennial winners and losers are.

  • View recent results history
  • Win, draw, loss colour-coded
  • Collected totals table
  • View multiple seasons
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The most historic season results

No more navigating between pages or fiddling with features just to find a club's results. Now you can see them displayed on one page beautifully illustrated and in a way that makes it easy to draw conclusions from.

Break down the results by choosing to display a club's home and away records. A dynamic summary table even enables you to see a quick breakdown of the results you're seeing on the screen.

  • View every season result
  • Match details
  • Dynamic summary table
  • View overall, home and away records
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Unprecedented integrated features

TicTac™ makes viewing league results a breeze. The league table that ACM Football provides is the only league table in the world that provides a full array of blobs representing the results of each of the 20 teams in the league — 760 in total. Green = win. Grey = draw. Red = loss.

BarbWire™ is necessary in order to enjoy TicTac™ to its full potential. By hovering over TicTac™ with BarbWire™, you can see an individual result or fixture in the box at the top. Just perfect for knowing who was playing who and when.

CrossRoads™ is an interactive hover-based system that assists you like no other. Used on the flagship Results Grid, no longer do you have to point to the screen with your fingers when picking teams from the X and Y axis. CrossRoads™ makes it a breeze.

rGun™ is a revolutionary feature never seen before!


ACM Football doesn't require much. All you need is…

1PC or a Mac

Preferably a fairly decent one. ACM Football is calculation-heavy, so we recommend you have a computer with at least an Intel Dual Core i3 processor (or the equivalent) and 4GB of RAM. If you've got a quad-core processor and 16GB of RAM, you are in dreamland!

2Microsoft Excel

We recommend Microsoft Excel 2016 64-bit for Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, but Excel 2010/2013 will be fine in 64-bit or 32-bit. Excel 2016/2011 for Mac will not work. Our advice is if you've got a Mac, download Parallels Desktop (a free trial is available), install Windows 10 as a virtual machine and install Excel 2016 on there. Feel free to contact us if you want help doing this.

Our mission

We want to grow ACM Football to become the ultimate football statistics product for all aficionados and punters alike. We will be enhancing and adding many features over the coming time. What's vital for us is we get feedback from you so we know what improvements and additions people want most. So go on — praise us, vilify us. We reject reticence.

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